The Devil Came on Horseback

For some time I have been wanting to watch a documentary titled The Devil Came on Horseback, only because I assumed it profiled a photojournalism photographer (hence the movie poster to the right). After watching it today what I found out is that it is so much more than that. The photographer shown is actually retired Marine Captain Brian Steidle who after leaving the military (and not knowing what to do next with his life) answers an ad online to become a military observer for the African Union. Armed with only his camera, a notebook, and a pen Capt. Steidle flies into Sudan, Africa to document the "ethnic cleansing" of black Africans at the hands of Janjaweed militias funded by Sudan's Arab government that is taking place in the western province known as Darfur.

This documentary is a film that should be watched by everyone. We take so much for granted in our day to day lives that most of the time we become blind to the atrocities that are taking place half-way around the world. I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary and rate it 5 stars. It is not rated but does contain some graphic stills of Steidle's images. Think about watching the film. It will bring a nice balance to your usual Hollywood experience.

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Kelsey Jo said...

I plan on seeing this movie. Looks very interesting.