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A couple of weeks ago a colleague of mine (who has connections with Washburn University) invited the advanced photography students of Topeka West to submit current work to Washburn's literary journal inscape. The submission deadline date was rapidly approaching, so several students quickly scanned their pieces (or resized digital files) and I emailed about 45 images to the editors.

We waited (impatiently) and I (probably prematurely) emailed the staff at inscape to ask when we might know who had been selected for their journal. The editor-in-chief, Huascar E. Medina, promptly emailed back stating:

"We are deliberating today. Thank you for the submissions that we have received. They are amongst the strongest that we have to discuss. The quality of work that is being generated by your students is impressive. Thank you for your interest in inscape. I will send emails out before the end of the week. I really do appreciate the talent level of photographers at Topeka West. I hope your artists will consider submitting next year as well."

Unfortunately, the editors did not email back by the end of the week so we had to wait. Fortunately, we did not have to wait long. Huascar emailed me again today............drum roll...........and Emily Park's photograph titled Reflection has been chosen to be published in the 2009 copy of inscape!!

inscape's editor-in-chief wrote:

"After much deliberating we have chosen to accept the picture titled e_park07 for print within the pages of inscape 09. Only four pieces were chosen. This piece will join two university art students and an art professor as an example of the rich artistic community that exists in Topeka. Art was submitted from across the United States for publication in inscape 09. Please reply with the students name and their title for the photograph. This student will receive a complimentary copy of inscape 09. We will be releasing inscape in early 2009. Upon its release a release party will occur at Washburn University where literary and visual artist will be given the opportunity to share their work with the northeast Kansas writing community. Once again, I thank you for all your efforts and the work of your students. The talent level is impressive at Topeka West High School. I find it necessary to say that."

Boo-yeah!! Congratulations Emily and a huge thank you from me to the rest of the photographers who submitted their work. This is yet another chance to show just how awesome the students of Topeka West really are!!


Sarah said...

Hi there! The Inscape staff is thrilled about your students' enthusiasm for the 2009 edition, and we'll be in touch next semester to invite all of you to our release party and reading, which likely will occur in February. Thank you for you participation, and we look forward to crossing paths with you again!
Sarah Smarsh
Faculty advisor
Inscape, the literary journal of Washburn University

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to find out that West has its own blog about one of my favorite classes! I have alawys been interested about what happens to some of the amazing students and this blog helped! Caitlin is so good I am truly a fan of hers!..emily