The Bob Blog & Idea Attic

So what do you think of the blog so far? I've been slowly getting the word out and have introduced the blog URL to half of my classes so far. Hopefully several of my students took some time to give it a look over tonight while they were online! I'm planning on sharing the site with the rest of my students tomorrow....and again, please feel free to leave a comment telling me what you think!!

For today's post I'd like to introduce a really cool blog that I have been following since the beginning of last summer. It is called The Bob Blog and it is authored by, obviously, Bob who works for Apple, Inc. and is an IT major from Youngstown State University. The guy is amazing! He is a graphic artist, photographer, and "dabbles" in web-page design (look at this site that he created for New Albany, Ohio!!). His blog covers a wide-range of topics but mostly photography.

If you would like to check out more of Bob's photographic portfolio (including the series shown above titled "Tiny Planets") he has created a website called Idea Attic. His work is very contemporary and has a certain style that will certainly appeal to the younger crowd (for example, Bob's Adventures of Kenny series)!

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Anonymous said...

So, I thought these little planets were really cool so I googled to see if I coulf find out how it works and I found a site that describes it. I'll have to email you the link soon.
~Megan Mapes~