New Work: Digital Photography 1

As we come down to the end of another semester I must admit that I am always amazed at how far the beginning students' skills in photography improve in such a short period of time!  Comparing this gallery to the first one that was posted back in early April, most of the students are producing images that have more clarity, depth, and creativity then ever before!!

I'm already looking forward to working with many of these students again in Digital Photography 2 next semester.

Enjoy this gallery and, as always, click on the images to view at a larger resolution!!

 Emma Alexander, sophomore

 Brooklyn Bogart, sophomore

 Haley Johnson, sophomore

 Cinnimon Williams, junior

 Loren Kuck, senior

 Alejandro Valdes, junior

 Dayvian Meyer, sophomore

 Brady Reichart, junior

 Brennan Clark, senior

 Julia Dibble, sophomore

 Ashley Wilson, sophomore

 Kyli Harris, sophomore

 Dacnet Garcia, sophomore

 Elecktia McMullen, sophomore

 Jonathan Waggle, junior

 Ashton Romero, sophomore

 Autumm Collins, sophomore

 Brandon Keating, sophomore

 Angel Helmick, sophomore

 Tyanne Moody, sophomore 

 Juliana Caballero, sophomore

 Lauren Turner, sophomore 

 Gabriella Rivera, junior

 Quentin Dilliehunt, senior

 Perla Juarez, sophomore

 Dain Struble, senior

 Ha'San Anderson, junior

 Henry Mason, sophomore

 Ariel Graber, sophomore   

Kadejah Deschner, sophomore

2018 Seniors: Farewell

A huge THANK YOU to the 2018 graduating seniors (from Digital Photography 2 and Media Technology) that helped to make Topeka West the most talented, creative, and fantastic photography program in northeast Kansas!!  

Many of you have viewed these wonderful pieces of art before, others are seeing it for the first time.  Either way, these are fantastic images and even more fantastic students!  As they move on into their careers and adult lives I hope all keep photography close at hand.

Enjoy the gallery!!

 Chris Ellis          Digital Photography 2

 Seth Flowers          Digital Photography 2

 Jared Freed          Media Technology

 Kiela Griffus           Media Technology

 Haley Grissett           Media Technology

 Matt Herman          Digital Photography 2

 Brandon Jack          Digital Photography 2

 Lake Johnson          Media Technology

 Braedyn Lee          Digital Photography 2

 Chen Lu          Digital Photography 2

 Carlos Lucio          Media Technology

 Elliot Mehrens          Digital Photography 2

 Gabriel Mosqueda          Digital Photography 2

 Abram Munoz          Digital Photography 2

 Regan Neeley          Media Technology

 DayShaun Nino          Digital Photography 2

 Stacey Olson          Media Technology

 Andrea Pagan          Media Technology

 Aly Rumbley          Digital Photography 2

 Genson Simecka          Media Technology

 Tanner Skrdlant          Digital Photography 2

 Annaleeza Stenti          Digital Photography 2

Collin Werner          Media Technology